Applying for a student loan can seem like a daunting prospect. Not only do you have to figure out which institutions offer loans, you would then also need to figure out which documents they need you to submit, and then fill out applications for each one. Following up on your various applications also becomes your responsibility and this can become very time consuming.

If only there was someone who not only had direct access to all the institutions which offer student loans, but also told you exactly which documents you need, allowed you to fill in one set of paperwork which could be used for all the applications, and then relentlessly followed up with all the financial institutions to find out the status of your loan application.

Imagine that!

Well that’s exactly what a student loan originator does. Their job is to help students secure finance for their studies. Student loan originators have a team of experts whose sole job is to help people find the best deals on student finance. Student loan originators will assist you with every step of the way – from filling out the application forms, right up until finance has been secured.

The advantages of using a student loan originator

Using a student loan originator to source student finance for you comes with many advantages (and no disadvantages):

  1. It costs you nothing. There is no cost to using a student loan originator
  2. Your application is submitted to all the credit providers. A student loan originator will apply at all the credit providers on your behalf. A single application at a student loan originator means you don’t have to worry about which providers to approach, because the student loan originator will submit your application to multiple credit providers on your behalf. This means you have the best chance of not only being approved, but also of getting the deal with the best possible terms
  3. Submit documents only once. Instead of having to resubmit documents to each of the credit providers you apply at, you can just give a single copy of all your documents to the student loan originator – they will make sure each credit provider gets the documents they need
  4. A team of experts every step of the way. From the start of the application to the finish, a student loan originator has a team of experts on your side. They do all the heavy lifting, and you just get to sit back and benefit from their expertise

With the help of a student loan originator, you can significantly reduce the amount of time, stress and admin involved in securing finance for your studies. And because there is no charge to the student, there really is no downside to using a student loan originator to get the finance you need to further your education. A student loan originator can be the key that unlocks the money door which is holding you back from pursuing the qualification you have been dreaming of!